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Hello Please Nerf the Acid shells mode for sobek it is 2 overpower, i like overpower things but this is 2 overpower ! this is the Build to make the gun overpower as hell ! with the right setup team you just one click hit kill everything in 60m this build will just kill instance group of enem Hope you guys enjoy this slightly compressed version of my usual stuff, I do like to state that 15m from Acid Shells isn't super wide but I still enjoy it very much and it is becoming one of my go. I've noticed some strange bugs regarding the acid shell mod for the Sobek shotgun. The mod description states that it damages enemies in a radial blast, but it does not seem to always behave consistently. (1) I have the acid shell mod on with no punch through In-game name - Hellmanz Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/MCGamerCZ Play Warframe now : Get a 7 day EXP boost By using my referral link - https://warframe.com/signup. Obex is actually surprisingly good 'cus the explosions are affected by melee stealth multipliers, which easily trigger when you're ground-slamming groups of enemies to pummel one of them. The 8x multiplier effectively turns 20% health into 160%! Kittag's mod scales with stealth multi too,..

Don't forget missing health, it is a good scaling for some games in my opinion and can fit Warframe. I wish they added it with Saryn, it would make sense for a poison based Warframe to deal more damage based on how wounded an enemy is P.S. If you would like to try my build, it's Point Blank, Seeking Fury, Acid Shells (this mod is important - it is essentially center of the entire build), Blaze, Hell's Chamber and 3 Elemental mods. Yeh, most builds im seeing i realized that using sobek without Acid Shells is a big waste Modding the weapon with its exclusive Shattering Justice and Acid Shells gives the Sobek very good crowd control capabilities. The Sobek can reach 100% status chance with Scattering Inferno , Frigid Blast , Shell Shock , Toxic Barrage , and Shattering Justice , making every pellet proc a status effect The Sobek, with enough forma, the syndicate mod and acid shells can become a disturbingly good room clearer for low-to-mid level missions, hell it's still effective in T3 void missions to a large extent

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Sign up to keep track of DogMan-Dan's updates or create your own profile to share your gaming experience, follow your favorite games and show off your gaming identities The Protest of Students of Dawood Engineering college Karachi.police is Firing shells ・腐食ダメージは、Sobekで倒した敵の最大ヘルスの割合で増加する。 ・ランクマックスで15メートル範囲内の敵に、450+最大ヘルスに対して45%の腐食ダメージを与える。 ・Acid Shellsで敵を倒すと敵は分解されるので、サイレントキルでステルスの継続が可能 Hello Warframe-Builder user. This menu feels empty, right? Acid Shells. Killing enemies Warframe and the logo Warframe are registered trademarks. All rights. Synopsis: This build uses the Sobek-specific augment Acid Shells to help dispatch large groups of enemies quickly. It is important to target high health and heavily armored first due to the mechanics behind the Acid Shells augment

As for Sobek, you'll need, at minimum, the augment mod on top of the 60/60 mods to get 100% status, so it's a little hard to slot Acid Shells, if you have a riven mod (dat max disposition). But fortunately, Acid Shells damage isn't made for high tier games, so slotting it instead of one of the 60/60 mods will net you some pretty good kills in. Name Rarity Polarity Rank Compat Stats Note; Acid Shells: UNCOMMON: 5: PRIMARY: Enemies explode on death, dealing 75 Corrosive Damage (+8% Enemy Max Health) in a 2.5m radius.: Augment SOBEK The Sobek's twin barrels are telescopic, retracting when stored on the back of the Warframe. Sobek is the first weapon that has two PvE weapon-exclusive mods. File:TrooperReload.gif Troopers will manually reload some of the shells when initiating a reload, using a separate animation from players Sobek (with Acid Shells) Zarr Acrid Atomos Fusilai Hystrix Kulstar Caustacyst Dark Split-Sword Hirudo Jat Kittag Lesion [Mind you, some of these may need a Riven to stay competitive at higher levels.] If you have questions about specific weapons, shoot

WARFRAME(PS4)備忘録 Thermagnetic Shellsを装着したDetron ・同様のModとして、Jat KittagにはVulcan Blitz、SobekにはAcid Shells. The Sobek's twin barrels are telescopic, retracting when stored on the back of the Warframe. Sobek is the first weapon that has two PvE weapon-exclusive mods. File:TrooperReload.gif Troopers will manually reload some of the shells when initiating

But scientifically speaking... you think that's crazy, you should see my Sobek build! It's got Acid Shells, the Steel Meridian augment that gives it Justice, gas damage mods, cryo (or possibly electric?) damage.. Sufficient Velocity. Forums General Discussion Gaming Video Gaming. Megathread SV Warframe Thread #1: But I don't wanna go on the Solar Rail

Kohm and Sobek are my two underappreciated shotguns. Kohm for volume, Sobek for Acid Shells that create 60% max health splash damage. Sobek was my go-to right up until I got Vaykor Hek I think Hydroid goes well with the Grineer aesthetic, which is why I also gave him the Vanquished Banner. Finally, I just think the Sobek is a cool weapon. It has two weapon-specific mods, Acid Shells and Shattering Justice, which give it a unique play experience among shotguns, even a similar one like the Boar

While this doesn't help your finishers (finishers ignore armor and shields), it does help any other damage type do more damage. This also includes weapon augment explosions, such as Jat Kittag's Vulcan Blitz, Sobek's Acid Shells and Detron's Thermagnetic Shells Do you want to remove all your recent searches? All recent searches will be delete SB Warframe Megathread 2.0. Sobek + Augment and Acid Shells or Hek/Vaykor Hek? MysticBandit, Sep 28, 2017 #14045. Mkoll312 Fuck Opapagoto to hell and may it burn in not whiny baby news, the executioner mods are super sick and people don't really talk about em a lot, acid shells for the sobek is insane and it's basically like having your own little molecular prime. vulcan blitz for jat kittag is also similarly nuts. are any of the others worth playing with? i can't get medi-ray to drop for the life of me.

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  • Warframe. Discussion in 'PC Games' started by boneburner, Jun 27, 2012. Page 21 of 41 < Prev 1.
  • A Community to Discuss All Things Warframe Related! My sobek with acid shells augment just 3 shot a single heavy gunner lvl155 and killed the rest the second the.
  • Finally, I just think the Sobek is a cool weapon. It has two weapon-specific mods, Acid Shells and Shattering Justice, which give it a unique play experience among shotguns, even a similar one like the Boar
  • Tenno! A new alert has begun, and will be marked on navigation! Warframe. It has a lot of words in it's description; free-to-play, third-person, PvE, MMO-shooter with an advanced parkour-based movement system, wherein you play a cyborg-robot-ninja

War has picked up 2 Forma and likely to snag a 3rd before too long. I got my Sobek out of the foundry last night, it's likely to receive 3 Forma... had a play with it last night though with the initial rank-up. The splash of corrosive acid gives an interesting effect. Boys' movie night last night so I didn't get on till late finally someone showing some love for the sobek :) iv been using this for 3+ months and acid shells plus the shattering justice sydicate mod makes this a room clearer with the aoe acid procs and the stupidly large justice procs every 200k affinity, and yes you get the acid shells from kela the sedna bos While the Sobek is the active weapon, Justice causes affinity gained by Sobek to fill a special meter. Once 2,000 affinity is acquired, the weapon discharges a radial explosion dealing 1,000 x18px Blast damage to enemies around the player, restores 25% of maximum Health, and temporarily increases the maximum Armor by 15% of the Warframe's base. A good sobek riven with acid shell is basically the current tonkor in the game right now. Not only does the synoid gamacor have the energy generation its awesome at popping corpus bubbles. I have.

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WarFrame Inaros Hard To Kill PS4 Gameplay. Warframe PC INAROS{The Mods Medi Ray&Acid Shells&Sobek} King Lyon Johnson. warframe. Warframe Ash Prime The TRU Ninja 40+ runs of Rathuum trying to get that Acid Shells mod for my Sobek over a couple weeks. Nothing. Ran a single arena match just to top me up to 25 points last night and make one attempt for the hell of it. Acid Shells drops on my one run of the night. Finally I'm free! Don't have to run that anymore Sobek - Max Burst 81k. Sustained 34k. This is the highest Burst DPS the Sobek can achieve right now. For the Void, change the Cleanse mod for Vicious. Warframe: Operation Plague Star, Rewards, Bounty Walkthrough - First Look. US. Warframe: Sobek, Quest for the Acid Shells Unicorn - The April FoolAGayGuyPlays

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  1. Every weapon in Warframe analyzed and build to perfection
  2. Warframe Review, Warframe Overview, Tactical Potato, Sordats, Playwarframe, Warframe Update, Warframe Chroma, Ps4, Xbox, Gameplay, Warframe Gameplay, Warframe Episode, Warframe (Video Game), warframe top 10 list, warframe beginners guide, warframe top 10 weapons, warframe beginners guides, warframe beginner guide, warframe top 10 melee weapons.
  3. Create and share your own augmented GIFs, with Gfycat. Warframe: New equinox augment in a nutshell Sobek Acid Shell augmen
  4. g..ADS, okay fire rate, 100% status chance, bad reload time if you fit the two on your warframe, it helps a lot.
  5. I prefer the Sobek shotgun to the Hek. Not only for the larger magazine (20 vs 4) but for the Acid Shells augment mod it's got. Get a kill, do a massive AE hit around the kill too

Megathread SV Warframe Thread #1: But I don't wanna go on the Solar Rail. I'm currently using a Sobek with Acid Shells and it's pretty great, so I'm not sure if I. Been enjoying the Sobek lately. Needs a decent Riven and Acid Shells but a 20 round shotgun that makes people explode doing corrosive damage is a room clearer. Never really got the Tigris Prime love all the Warframe youtube guys have, saying its the number 1 gun in the game Warframe is one month away from turning 4 years old - and some of our infrastructure is starting to show its age! Phase One of upgrading our back end server code to support future database upgrades is live

If you liked the Sobek, do run Kela de Thaym a few times to get Acid shells (every enemy killed explodes in bursts of acid). The western world sips from a poisonous cocktail: Polarisation, populism, protectionism and post-trut Warframe Endgame. Strun wraith+riven mod and 3 heavy gunner eximus 145 lvl Bac Warframe Update 18.10: Rathuum. Status Chance was added to help offset some of the damage lost on the Sobek and Deth Carabus nerfs. Changed the Acid Shells. Warframe: silly named F2P coop TPS. I sold off my Sobek a long time ago, but I may rebuild it and throw in an Acid Shells mod. It gives the gun excellent AoE.

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On the Warframe Market you can sell and buy: Parts, Mods, Blueprints, Relics and other stuff | Riven mods trading and auctions - soon Why are you not using acid shells on the sobek? Archibald No pants 2 years ago Hi tactical thank you dude for giving me new music to listen to that's awesome, Barns courtney is so good ;d t :) take care : > พวกอาวุธที่ใช้ Augment ต่างๆ เช่น Acid Shell ของ Sobek รวมถึงอาวุธอื่นๆ , เพิ่มเอฟเฟค particle เข้าไป.. 2. ปรับปรุง Saryn เพิ่มดังนี้

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Warframe PC INAROS{The Mods Medi Ray&Acid Shells&Sobek} Lil Uzi Vert 56 Nights Mixtape Dj Mustard 2 Chainz Young Thug Instrumental Dope Fashion Magic City Forwar Warframe Sobek Setup 3x Forma Acid Shells & Scattering Justice (U18.10.6) SOBEK - AOE Full Auto Shotgun Shattering Justice Acid Shells SOBEK; Bright Purity: Acid Shells: UNCOMMON: 5: PRIMARY: Blast enemies within 10m, converting 50 Damage into Shields for the Warframe. Sentinel TAXON

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  • Warframe ตัวใหม่ Hildryn . > พวกอาวุธที่ใช้ Augment ต่างๆ เช่น Acid Shell ของ Sobek.
  • Sancti is the Op Shotty (but not the best as fair as im concerned ~ thats the Reg Hek and the sobek has been making significant gains since i picked up Acid Shells) Rakata Cernos is good (Ivara's bow of Choice) and Secura Penta is good as well but the side arms are lacking for those three
  • Warframe HILDRYN. 武器 LARKSPUR Acid Shells Kelaからのドロップ品。 最大RANKでSOBEKの射撃で倒した敵から15mの範囲に450+倒した.

Warframe general Anonymous 02/18 Acid Shells scales with health %, so it scales all the way into high levels as long as you can get 1 kill going to begin with. Sobek. フルオートショットガン 増強ModのAcid Shellsを使う事で範囲が更に広がり雑魚掃除が捗ります Warframe オススメFrame. Uncategorized Warframe 22.12 acid shells arca plasmor astilla blast boar prime shrine of the eidolon simulacrum Sobek Speed status update to warframe EVER. Uncategorized Warframe 22.18.7 BEASTS OF THE SANCTUARY build chance crit critical De Digital Extremes dojo forma gameplay Good how to get manufacturing multiplier new primary quick look reload requirement research review rifle semi-auto setup showcase simulacrum slash spotlight stats status tenno lab Update VELDT Warframe Zoo

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You can now apply Default Warframe skins on Prime Warframes! There is now a 'Toggle Prime Details' toggle for TennoGen skins once applied to a Prime Warframe. This allows you to choose between the Prime Warframe mesh or the Default Warframe mesh! Setting sliders will now display number values See more of Warframe Thailand Community on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Warframe Thailand Community on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or Saryn1番やNova4番と組み合わせることでAcid Shellsの腐食AoEダメ(450+倒した敵HPの45%)を実質2倍にできる ヘビガンとかテックを優先的に狙って 倒した瞬間周囲の敵が一気に蒸発する様は爽快だ Warframe.fandom.com Acid Shells is a Sobek -exclusive mod that causes enemies killed by the Sobek to explode, dealing a flat amount of Corrosive damage plus a percentage of the enemy's maximum health in an area of effect. Notes The explosion itself cannot apply Corrosive procs, and if the enemy dies under th Acid Shells酸性弹药. Warhead毁灭弹头. Braton Nocturne Skin布莱顿夜景外观. Afterburn续燃. Aklato Day Of The Dead Skin拉托双枪亡灵节外观. Yin Yang Garden阴阳庭院. Cleanse Infested净化Infested. Primed ModsPrime版MOD. Ketos Hydroid HelmetHydroid海怪头盔. Sentirum心智晶核. Disarm解除武装. Confusion迷

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  • d and soul
  • Equipped with only a modified Opticor, face your fellow Tenno in a lethal one hit to kill battle! Mobility normalized, Warframe passives, Mods and abilities disabled. Conclave Changes & Fixes! General: Amprex, Flux Rifle, Glaxion, Embolist, Gammacor series, Nukor, Spectra, Panthera, Synapse, Sobek, Drakgoon and Lanka can now be used in Conclave
  • Purchase these Skins by logging into Warframe through Steam and visiting the 'Steam' tab in the in-game Market. An indicator has been added to the HUD (beside your Shield stats) to display how many allies are in range of your Tenno for your shared Tenno Affinity
  • Warframe sets, stance mods like Crimson Dervish, Trinity used to be a complete monster and her current state is a hollow shell in comparison
  • Warframe - Acid Shells, Thermagnetic Shells, and Vulcan Blitz with Rhino Rhino's roar buffs all damage you deal. Hypothesis: Roar will buff the explosion damage caused by Acid Shells, Thermagnetic Shells, and Vulcan Blitz
  • The Sobek with its special corrosive proc mod Acid Shells (and the decent Shattering Justice) can be quite a good trade off between group clearer and single shot killer thanks to its semi auto mode up to level 70ishwith a good riven up to 100ish
  • Warframe Wiki SOBEK. ただし現状、Acid ShellかPoint Blankのどちらか一つしか使えないので、おそらくAcid Shellsを使うことになる.

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Acid Shells | WARFRAME Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Warframe.fandom.com Acid Shells is a Sobek -exclusive mod that causes enemies killed by the Sobek to explode, dealing a flat amount of Corrosive damage plus a percentage of the enemy's maximum health in an area of effect DISCORD. Hier treffen sich Warframe Spieler aller Platformen und tauschen sich untereinander aus. Seid immer über aktuelle News in Warframe informiert Everyone's Getting Raped Edition previous thread: veekyforums.com/thread/143593646/video-games READ the pastebins BEFORE asking stupid questions General: pastebin.com. A compilation of all of the Warframe updates from the Update The Silver Grove branch. Main features of this update: Titania, Fusion Rework, and Glyphs Warframe: Warframe is a cooperative free-to-play online action game set in an evolving sci-fi world. Comments to the video: WF: Awesome Jet Powered Plasmor -Best Ranged Setup? Tactical Potato 1 year ag

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敵レベルが高くなければ属性MODを一枚、 Acid Shellsに変更する事で、さらに面の破壊力に強くなります。 リロ速に関してはSeeking Furyで多少は改善してますが、あえてリロ速を積むほどではないと思います * ShotgunsAreJustBetter: Two of their three unique weapon mods are for Grineer shotguns: the Hek and the Sobek. One of their special weapons is the Vaykor Hek, an upgraded version of the original. * WarIsHell: But so long as they can help divert the battles away from innocents, then they'll take it as a victory Warframe is a game where you mindlessly grind and then jew out to get as much platinum as humanly possible eventually making you extremely suicidal >>15161179 That's been one of my main issues with the game, the ai is fucking trash but when you're spotted the only reason you'll die is either because of their aimbot or the fact that they pile up two hundred thousand fucking units in your asshole Loading Screen Prime edition previous thread: >>160792443 >READ the pastebins BEFORE asking stupid questions GENERAL FAQ: http://pastebin.com/wyz3Ye1g Additional FAQ.

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  • Warframe HILDRYN. 武器 LARKSPUR ROARでしか伸びない各フレームのアビリティやSOBEKのAcid Shells.
  • Warframe Cosmetics 战甲外观 Acid Shells 酸性弹药 Sobek 鳄神 Adept Surge 跃浪好手 Medusa Skin 梅杜莎之
  • -Quick Thinking x2 (warframe mod)-Corrosive Projection (warframe aura mod)-Loot Detector (warframe aura mod)-Vicious Spread (shotgun mod)-Acid Shells (Sobek mod)-Harkonar Scope (sniper mod)-Nightwatch Napalm (Ogris mod)-Strafing Slide (pistol mod)-Blade of Truth (Jaw Sword mod from Arbiters of Hexis)-Drifting Contact (melee mod
  • forums.warframe.com /topic /642880-operation-rathuum Vulcan Blitz (I assume the Vulkar mod) Medi-Ray Neither of these are in the codex. Got Acid Shells (Sobek mod that works exactly the same as Jat Kittag mod, but does Corrosive Damage) not in the Event page DE is all kinds of fucked up with the event info
  • { name: Day of the Dead Dark Sword Skin, enName: Day of the Dead Dark Sword Skin, zhName: 暗影长剑亡灵节外观 }
  • Les stats et pouvoirs de votre Warframe et de vos armes sont les mêmes qu'en PVE. Acid Shells: mod pour Sobek qui fait exploser les ennemis tués
  • Your Sobek is really useful for low-mid level missions if you get the Acid Shells mod from Kela De Thaym. For secondaries, definitely try to get the syndicate weapons I mentioned, especially Vaykor Marelok

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  1. Acid Shells | WARFRAME Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia. Acid Shells is a Sobek-exclusive mod that causes enemies killed by the Sobek to explode, dealing a flat amount of Corrosive damage plus a percentage of the enemy's maximum health in an area of effect
  2. How to make the Tonkor explode on any impact using Zephy and Jet Stream. Watch Twitch - Twitter updates
  3. プライマリでもカテゴリはショットガンのSobek。 MODを一枚、 Acid Shells このwarframeにおいて、最強という名を.
  4. [{name:Ack & Brunt,uniqueName:/Lotus/Weapons/Grineer/Melee/GrineerTylAxeAndBoar/RegorAxeShield,secondsPerShot:1.1999999,damagePerShot:[5,5,40,0,0,0,0,0,0.
  5. build sobek 6 x Version Warframe : Le Bosquet d'argent 2.2 Build proposé par VVhite_Angel Lien Warframe builder Aucune de vidéo pour ce build. Ce build est une des multiples façons de jouer cette arme
  6. It seems like a good idea since it seems like Hek and Vaykor/Tigris P and Sancti/Sobek(to combine with acid shells)/Strun Wraith/Boar Prime and Kohm would have pretty high priced rivens so you should have about a 70 percent chance to unveil a riven for a desirable shotgun

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  1. Acid Shells: Com essa ampliação para a Sobek, ao matar inimigos faz com que eles explodam, inflindo +450 (+45% de saúde máxima do inimigo) de dano corrosivo em um raio de +15 metros
  2. warframe中英文对照表_游戏_生活休闲。 Damage 2.0/Puncture Damage 穿刺伤害 Sibear 西伯利亚冰锤 Firewalker 火焰行者 Infested Tumor Infested 肿瘤 Re

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  1. Lenz Build 2018 (Guide) - The Space Bow (Warframe Gameplay) ⏬ The Lenz is a futuristic take on the Bow and it's wicked fun to use while being a bit dangerous as-well. While it does have many usability issues that can make it a niche pick there is no denying its destructive area of effect power this unique weapons has
  2. Sobek Build 2018 (Guide) - Comprehensive New Player Tutorial (Warframe Gameplay) ⏬ Given the weapons low mastery lockout I was fully expecting it to be weak but thankfully that is not the case. It can reach a true one hundred percent status chance through the use of the four sixty-sixty mods plus nano applicator or Shattering Justice which is.
  3. Goodnight Sweet Prince edition previous thread:>>147140129 >READ the pastebins BEFORE asking stupid questions General: http://pastebin.com/SYUXsKPv FAQ: http.
  4. Warframe
  5. Sobek WFblue Wiki FANDOM powered by Wiki

Video: Good weapons to go for at MR7? - Warframe Message Board for

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  • Conclave:Sobek WFblue Wiki FANDOM powered by Wiki
  • The Hidden War (Warframe/XCOM) Page 9 SpaceBattles Forum
  • SV Warframe Thread #1: But I don't - Sufficient Velocit
  • [Warframe] thread. Gonna make sweet love to my Corinth ..
  • Orokin Archives — Warframe Loadouts: Hydroi

Video: Warframe: Bullet Dance Gunblade Stance w/Sarpa & Titania

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